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Nevada Trucking Association

The Nevada Trucking Association is a nonprofit association developed to promoting the interests of the trucking and bus industries.

The Nevada Trucking Association is a member-driven organization dedicated to protect the trucking industry against costly regulatory intrusions and increasing tax burdens.

In 1932 the Nevada Trucking Association was originally created as the Commercial Motor Operators of Nevada. The Commercial Motor Operators of Nevada was formed as a defensive measure in the face of oppressive and threatening legislation towards truck drivers and bus operators in Nevada. The times have changed but the need to stand together has never been greater.

Today the Nevada Trucking Association’s goal is to continue uniting the many different companies which make up the motor carrier industry in Nevada.

The Nevada Trucking Association is there to remind legislators, regulators, the media, and the public that the trucking and bus industries are essential to Nevada’s and America’s economy.

The Nevada Trucking Association is on the job, protecting your business and your employee’s livelihoods.

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Paul J. Enos

CEO of Nevada Trucking Association

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Director of Government Affairs

Patti Gillette

Director of Safety & Member Services

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