Notice of Intent to Act Upon a Regulation


Notice of Hearing for the Amendment
of Regulations of the
Nevada Department of Transportation

The Nevada Department of Transportation will hold a public hearing at 9:30am., on 8th of October of 2018, at 1263 S. Stewart Street, Carson City, Nevada 89712. The purpose of the hearing is to receive comments from all interested persons regarding the Amendment of regulations that pertain to chapter 484D of the Nevada Administrative Code.

The following information is provided pursuant to the requirements of NRS 233B.0603:

1. The need or the purpose of the proposed regulation. The existing law authorizes the Department of Transportation to issue permits which allow travel on the roads of the State by vehicles with exceed certain limits for the length, weight, or width of such vehicles.  (NRS 484D.615, 484D.660, 484D.685) Existing regulations set for the requirements for applying f or such a permit from the Department. (NAC 484D.610, 484D.615)

• 484D.610
     o Changes the permit office hours and extends the closing time to 4:30 pm make the office available for eight hours.
     o Changes  the  regulation  for  annual  permits  to  be  available  for purchase  using  the online system with direction to the NDOT website.
    o Changes the regulation for single-trip permits to be available for purchase using the online system with direction to the NDOT website.

     o Expands  the  criteria  of  how  a  permit  is  applied  for,  allowing  for  electronic submittal.  
     o Removes the requirement of a 30-day notice for the issuance of an annual permit. The new regulated time frame was shortened to 10 days.

     o Expands on the requirements for issuance of a special permit.  Usage of a prescribe form by the department and a minimum of 10-day notice.

     o Clarifies that “credit” is an agreement between NDOT and the applicant.

     o Prescribes the definition of 5 days as consecutive.
     o Expands on the definition of what an original permitis.  Adding the availability of using   an   electronic   permit   for   enforcement   purposes   with   a   non-signature agreement between an electronic display user and the enforcer.  
     o Clarifies that a permit exceeding any posted limits will be considered null and void.

     o Removes the restriction of short distance movement for loads more than 26 feet.  
     o Expands on the Departments right to request a route survey and the dimensions at which the surveys can be requested.  
     o Establishes that the carrier is responsible for the survey prior to the issuance of a permit.
     o Identifies the requirements of the information needed on a route survey.

• 484D.655
     o Expands the criteria for travel during hours of darkness or holidays up to 14 feet wide.  
     o Places a curfew on the I-15 for Friday travel going northbound, and Sunday travel going southbound.
     o Establishes additional safety requirements of a permit traveling during the extended hours.

• 484D.660
     o Adds a new allowance of an annual permit to travel up to 14 feet wide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on interstate highway except for the curfew place on the I-15 corridor.

• 484D.670
     o Expands the requirement of pilot cars usage during hours of darkness, holiday or weekend travel.

2. A copy of the proposed permanent regulations are available on the Nevada Department of Transportation


3. To determine the impact of these amendments on small business, the ODVP office was in
contact with carriers throughout the state, Nevada Trucking Association, Nevada Highway
Patrol,   and   all   the   neighboring   states   excluding   California.   The   results   of   these
conversations were in favor of the changes, allowing carriers more available hours to
travel through  our  state,  and  alleviated  the  bottleneck  that  Nevada  caused  for  these  oversized loads.

a. Both adverse and beneficial effect;
          Adverse – No adverse effects.
          Beneficial – the permit office is available for another 30 minutes daily, and with online presence carriers can apply for permits 24 hours a day.
          Adverse – No adverse effects
          Beneficial – shorten the waiting time frame for an annual permit, allows for electronic submission of permit application
          Adverse – No adverse effects
          Beneficial – allows  carriers  to  use  electronic  permits  for  enforcement  or identification purposes.
          Adverse – No adverse effects.
          Beneficial – allows  larger  loads  to  move  throughout  the  state  without  a maximum 10 - mile movement.
          Adverse – Possibility  of  more  pilot  cars  or  lighting  for  certain  widths
exceeding 12 feet for night, holiday and weekend travel.
          Beneficial – shortens  the  length  of  curfew  on  I-15  travel  and  deletes  the gamblers curfew completely on I-80 corridor.
          Adverse – No adverse effects
          Beneficial – Annual  permits  extended  hours  of  travel  available  to  14  feet
          Adverse – Possibility of more pilot cars widths exceeding 12 feet for night, holiday and weekend travel.
          Beneficial – Extended hours of travel available to carriers.

b.Both immediate and long-term effects.

All  inclusive  changes  will  allow  the  state  of  Nevada  to  follow  suit  for  industry
standards throughout the United States. Allows for more efficient travel  between
California and the rest of the continental US. While making better for the industry,
keeping safety as a precedence for the state of Nevada.

4. NDOT does not estimate any additional cost to enforce the amendments.

5. The proposed regulation do not overlap or duplicate the regulations of other state or local governmental agencies.

6. Federal law does not require the proposed regulations.

7. The proposed regulations do not include provision, which are more stringent that federal,
state, or local standards regulation the same activity.

8. The proposed regulations do not provide a new fee and does not increase an existing fee.

Persons wishing to comment upon the proposed action of Nevada Department of Transportation may  appear  at  the  scheduled  public  hearing  or  may  address  their  comments,  data,  views,  or arguments,  in  written  form,  to  Nevada  Department  of
Transportation,  1263  S.  Stewart  Street, Carson City, Nevada 89712. Written submissions must be received by the Nevada Department of transportations on  or  before November  7, 2018.  If  no  person  who  is  directly  affected  by  the proposed action appears to request time to make an oral presentation, the Nevada Department of Transportation may proceed immediately to act upon any written submissions.


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